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"Neighbor Dispute"


1.) I have only met Matt Hawkins once while visiting his place to see if my UPS package had arrived at his place by mistake. He was very cordial and proceeded to ask if Lisa Stanley had spoken of him, in which I stated I try and keep out of drama. He than said well I'm not the crazy one, just so you're aware I'm a nice guy.

This was before I saw him dump the barn owner, Lisa Stanley, on the side of a hill with a tractor. 911 was called a total of three times. In my last call I stated its been 20 minutes is anyone coming? The operator sounded frustrated and stated "Oh it has not been 20 minutes. " I stated please hurry things are escalating and fists may fly"

10 minutes afterwards the sheriffs arrive on the scene. They had a conversation with us but no one was arrested and this frustrated me.

2.) Received Restraining Order and Court Hearing from officer David Suttles at 11:00am on 02/24th.  "Not even 22 Hours before the court hearing for today 2/25 9:00am. "

"According to Plaintive: I have threatened to cause harm to him through the relayed information of the  Police Officers." The below text history shows that Officer David Suttles had made no such claim nor had any attentions of passing along threats, Officer David Suttles was only relaying his concerns about the escalation of the situation when I asked,


"If I had seen him hitting Lisa with the tractor and raising her in the bucket, Hypothetically speaking had I ran and pulled him off the tractor and beat his ass what would have law enforcement have done? 

The answer shocked me.

2.) Text Messages between Lisa Stanley and Officer David ?

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"Neighbors Wife Dispute January 16th"


1.) I overheard Lisa Stanley's Daughter talking to a woman walking up and down the easement feeding off the grass and mingling with the horses along side the fence. I was unaware that I was walking into a dispute with the neighbor and the barn owners daughter. Neighbor:"Hello can I help you? who are you?" 

ME:  "Oh I'm just a client seeing what you both are talking about." 

Neighbor: "Don't you live on the hill?"

Me: "Yes, My wife boards her horses here and trains"

Neighbor: "Aren't you going to film this?"

Me; "Okay"

The neighbor nor the husband ever requested a copy of what transpired that day. Below is that video footage:

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"Neighbor Dispute"

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