My passion for horses began at the bright and early age of 2 when I was put on a pony at the Orange County Fair. My mom saw my joy and searched for trainers that would allow me to ride disciplines, that had unfortunately had higher age requirements, and I began lessons in hunters by the age of 5.


By the age of 9, my family supported my dream of owning my own horse, a 17.2 hand off-the-track thoroughbred, we named Chance. Once Chance arrived in his new home with me, I soon realized his extreme insecurities he showed me through his bolting behavior. Trainers and other boarders deemed him an extremely dangerous horse - especially for a very young rider. I took this opportunity and turned it into a learning experience. I learned as much as I could about horse behavior, natural horsemanship, and gentling mustangs. I gained enough knowledge to learn how to help my best friend through his fears – and didn’t allow others opinions of him sway what I intuitively knew - that his heart wanted to give me what I needed and we learned to communicate through horse language.



Along our journey together, I was introduced to Dressage. I received a wonderful opportunity from my mentor and friend USDF Gold Medalist Carol Robertson. At the time, Carol had a Grand Prix schoolmaster and I had the advantage to feel the upper level movements. It was unlike anything I’ve felt before and absolutely fell in love with the sport by the age of 12. I was so intrigued by the kind of relationship that is required - to develop a synchronicity and deep connection with your equine partner - that I decided I wanted to become a trainer for this sport – and my parents fully supported my dream.


After a year of dedication, Chance was unrecognizable and had blossomed into a very confident and fit gentleman. He and I had developed a deep partnership and went on to compete in many disciplines such as Dressage, Hunters, Western, Barrel Racing, Gymkhana, and even some Roping!! Chance really gave me the opportunity to try a variety of disciplines. Of course, his conformation wasn’t ideal for each sport, but he had such a big heart and gave me his all to support my desires. Chance and I would have fun days of riding bareback and bridleless. The trainers that deemed him dangerous watched as we accomplished this together. He would lay down for me and we would work on his Spanish walk, which was a blast for both of us! People dropped their jaws.


In 2006, Chance had reached retirement and with the help of my family and Carol, it was time to purchase a horse that would assist me in my career – my “college” experience. My family and I bought a 12-year-old 17.2 hand Westfalen gelding named Fido. He had an amazing sweet temperament as well as the talent for the upper levels. I remember telling my trainer, “He’s perfect to push me to the next level, but...I can’t sit his trot to save my life!” She laughed and told me, “You’ll learn.”


Fido and I took a very short time to get to know each other and we started competing together in many shows including IEL (Interscholastic Equestrian League) on my High School Equestrian Team and FEI Junior/ Young Rider CDI classes. We won everything for my high school team in the 3rd and 4th level classes. This prepared me for the CDI Junior classes, as the movements were the same, but much more difficult in front of international judges! This was an amazing experience for me. The following show season we progressed to the CDI FEI Young Rider division, which was equivalent to the Prix St. George USDF dressage test.


That year was a huge learning curve for me and brought into light the commitment of a young dressage professional. During this time, I was completing high school and teaching lessons to help pay for my training. I had the honor of placing in the top 10 for our CDI FEI Young Rider Region 7 team. I’m humbled to say at 16 years old, I received my USDF Silver Medal and Silver Freestyle bar. After the season, I went on to compete in the Intermediare I and received my scores toward my USDF Gold medal and USDF Gold freestyle bar. I completed high school with a 3.5 GPA as well. That was Fido’s last season of competing and was later retired to teach students the upper level movements.



I also have had the opportunity to work as an assistant for highly respected trainers. USDF Gold Medalist Mary Kehoe and USDF Gold Medalist Amber Smigel in Dressage; Doreen Lettieri in Equine care and management; Horseplay Rentals in Western riding; Lisa Sabo in Eventing; and Silver Medalist Pan American rider Elizabeth Ball traveling shows as a professional groom. I have also been certified as an Equine Specialist under EAGALA for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. I have taken seminars in gentling mustangs with Angi Murray, Billy Smith and Donna West.




During this time, I gained further experience with bringing up FEI horses, starting young horses, developing horses for clients, and building confidence in students to achieve their goals.


I’ve had the opportunity to clinic with many professionals in Southern California including USEF 5* Olympic judge Axel Steiner, USDF “S” Judge Jan Curtis, Olympian Kathleen Raine, Olympic Bronze Medalist Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, Olympic Bronze Medalist Hilda Gurney, USDF Gold Medalist David Wilson, Piaffe and Passage specialist Alfredo Hernandez, USDF Gold Medalist David Wightman, International Clinician Susan Peacock, and International Dressage coach Congrad Schumacher.


In 2011, at the age of 19, I turned my dream and passion into a reality and began my career and business - “Dressage School of Horse Psychology.” I specialize in patience and compassion. This enables my students to overcome scary or uncomfortable experiences; anxiety; any learning disabilities; or belief systems that may hold them back. My students develop their knowledge and deep understanding of horse behavior and language which empowers them to be confident riders. My mentorship allows my students to improve their confidence to reach their goals.


I have also started young horses; campaigned show horses up the levels; coached students in competition; and helped students purchase a new horse and/or sell their own horse. My passion allows me to really get to know my students in a way that offers them my best teachings and assists them in obtaining their goals.





This sport can become competitive, but I always put the horse first. I truly believe this is why I have been so successful. I can teach you how to do this as well through observational learning and becoming the source of safety and security in your horse’s life. This is what makes my students feel so successful.


Now I’m living my next dream. I’m very excited and grateful to be able to offer my experience and expertise by becoming part of the Vecala Valley Farm Family in Mooresboro NC.


I look forward to working with you to develop your best equine experience ever.


Thank you,

Alexa Rodriguez




Full Training Program

5-6 sessions per week includes lessons and or professional rides to work on the development of the horse.


Lesson at:

Vecala Valley Farm

154 Joanda Farm Road

Mooresboro, NC 28114


Average lesson:

1 hour private $60

Half Training Program: 

3-4 lessons per week Alexa will take the time to go over your goals and planned accomplishments. Includes lessons and/or professional rides to work on the development of your horse and your goals. 

Lesson at:

Vecala Valley Farm

154 Joanda Farm Road

Mooresboro, NC 28114


Average lesson:

1 hour $60

Standard Lessons

1-2 weekly lesson with a strong focus on riders level in relation to goals and accomplishments. During the first lesson, we will discuss and come up with a program that fits best in relation to your goals. 

Lesson at:

Vecala Valley Farm

154 Joanda Farm Road

Mooresboro, NC 28114


Average lesson:

1 hour private $75




Dressage Mooresboro, NC 

Cell/Text: 949-887-3303

Get to know some of the best North Carolina Dressage experts in the country. North Carolina Dressage School Of Horse Psychology is your Dressage Trainer in Mooresboro NC. If you need a FEI Dressage Trainer, choose the Rutherford County Dressage trainer favorite. 

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